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When holidaying at a new place, choosing the right accommodation can either make or break the deal. If you can’t be comfortable at a hotel or lodge that you check into, chances of being able to fully enjoying your trip could get dim. That is why the idea of bed and breakfast with a classy, old-school touch seems so appealing.

The Heather’s offers a very friendly accommodation near Christchurch, one of the best places that are known for their rich English heritage. The comfortable rooms and facilities coupled with the very environment that is warm and tranquil, the bed and breakfast offers immense convenience for you to be able to explore the historic ruins, the ecclesiastical parish of The Priory and the amazing Normal Hall, to list a few. The locational advantage of the accommodation also expands into the amazing outdoors that an explorer would love to wander into.

If you are wondering about the specifics of the room, rest assure of the perfect balance between little modern luxuries, delicious morning platters and of course, the very boutique-style provisions that are designed for you to relax before and after you begin your tour of Christchurch and all the other places nearby.